Monterey Art Gallery, Howick, N.Z

13th July - 13th August 06
1st November - 3rd December 07
4th - 25th March 2010
12 - 23 October 2015

Creative Motivation:

The key motivation for my work past and present is to have an open mind and to look in a variety of directions for inspiration.

As a textile designer you were constantly challenged to come up with new ideas. A designer can only sell one original design to one customer, you cannot reproduce a similar look for another manufacturer or you will be in big trouble with copyright issues.

The designer approach has followed me into my selection of subjects I choose to paint today, changing direction is both fun and challenging and I feel comfortable in answering this challenge.

Painting Techniques:

The techniques I use have influenced my style and approach to painting. As a designer of Textiles for many years, it demanded me to restrict my pallet to not using more than 12-18 colours per design (This is the maximum number of printing screens available per design). Therefore it means you need to pre-mix your pallet dark to light ie: background mid tones and highlights prior to commencing the painting of the design. This strict discipline no longer restricts me when painting my pictures. However the discipline does help in restricting the unnecessary use of too many colours and shades and teaches you to apply the use of counter-change of light and dark tones etc. I still however pre-mix my basic colour range before commencing a new painting. I mainly use flat acrylics and gouache water based paints and finish my paintings by applying satin spray varnish which helps to give the colours a deep and rich lusture.

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